Alamo Design Co focuses on making connections. Connecting with our clients. Connecting with our projects. Connecting the dots from concept to creation.

We’re dedicated to designing and fabricating pieces using solid craftsmanship and remain intentional in our efforts not to rush the process or cut corners, giving your design the attention to detail it deserves.

And then we take it a step further, by inviting you into the experience of our fabrication process through our collaborative workspace.


Our first conversation about a new project is the most important; it's when we get to know you and identify and discuss key elements of the process to ensure we're all on the same page before moving forward. How that conversation looks is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to meet for coffee while we discuss and sketch out the details or you prefer to work entirely in our online workspace. Whatever your preference is or schedule allows, we accommodate you.

Your input is the driving force of our efforts. Once we understand the scope of work, the details of your concept, however specific or abstract, are converted into graphic renderings for your review and revision until everything is exactly what you pictured, down to every last detail.


It may not be the most exciting part of the process, but it's crucial. Your trust is a big deal to us. We stand behind our craftsmanship and we want you to be comfortable with our terms and ask any questions before moving forward.


We're on our own from here (unless you want to start using machinery). This is where we're the happiest; working away in the shop, covered in saw dust, taking rough materials and working them over until they're flawless.

Even though you're not in the shop with us, we keep you involved in the process with regular updates in our online collaboration space so you can be part of the evolution of your project. The end result is not only the distinctive product you helped create, but an interactive experience you won't find anywhere else.

We're really looking forward to creating with you.